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How to Cut Maltese Hair with Scissors

Maltese - 8If you have a Maltese dog, you probably already know that there’s a lot that goes into caring for and grooming this breed to keep them healthy and looking their best. Maltese pet owners should be knowledgeable about a range of grooming techniques from how to take care of basic hygiene to how to cut Maltese hair with scissors.

This article covers the basics that you should employ in order to take care of your precious Maltese puppy or dog properly. You will be all set to enjoy your time with your dog after you have mastered these techniques.

Grooming your Maltese puppy or dog can be a great bonding experience if you know what to do. So how can you make sure that your Maltese is well taken care of? Let’s start with these simple tips and techniques. The first order of business is making sure you have the proper equipment and supplies on hand.

List of Supplies

  • Grooming scissors
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Towel
  • Tweezers
  • Clippers
  • Cotton balls
  • Pin brush/slicker brush
  • Detangler spray
  • Dog toothpaste/dental chews


Maltese - 13A Maltese puppy or dog has lovely white hair. While these pets look adorable with long hair, it does require an occasional trim or haircut to even the hair out. Also, sometimes pet owners may want to keep the hair shorter for convenience. Ease of maintenance is usually the reason why many pet owners choose haircuts such as the puppy cut for their dogs. It is fairly easy to give your Maltese pet a haircut at home.

You need to ensure that your pet is in an agreeable standing or lying position so that you can begin to remove hair from its back. Start with using scissors to trim the coat about half an inch and then use this length to guide you for the rest of the puppy or dog’s hair. You can move to the hind but leave the tail plume intact as this is usually not trimmed in the Maltese breed.

If your dog is comfortable lying on it’s back, it will be comfortable for you to trim the stomach and chest areas, but most Maltese pets are averse to this position. So you could leave the dog in a standing position and cautiously trim the area around his genitals and stomach. Reducing the coat on the dog’s underside is advantageous in keeping your pet cool, especially in summer.

You can finish the cut by trimming around the head and ears. Lots of Maltese pet owners choose to leave the hair on the head longer. If you decide to do this, remember to trim the hair around the nose and eyes. Do ensure that the hair is evenly trimmed and looks sophisticated.

Hair Brushing

Maltese - 3Your cute Maltese looks so sweet in its long, flowing hair, but that adorable coat requires regular grooming to keep it smooth, shiny and tangle-free. You need to identify the right brush for your pet to make this daily grooming ritual a lot easier.

A pin brush is an excellent choice to groom your Maltese’s beautiful hair. This brush will enable you to straighten out your pet’s hair without creating more tangles. The pin brush looks like a pad with pins sticking out of it and may have small balls attached to the top.

Alternatively, you can use a slicker brush for your pal’s hair. The slicker brush glides through your pet’s hair and leaves it smooth and mat-free. This type of brush is a rectangular shape with small bristles. The slicker brush provides the added benefit of removing any loose hair from the coat to prevent it from getting matted later.

Ideally, you should use both brushes to groom your Maltese. The pin brush should be used initially to take care of the worst tangles. After that, you can use the slicker brush to smoothen the hair. Using both these brushes while grooming will make sure that your pet’s hair looks smooth and tangle-free, which is the primary goal of a grooming session with your pal.

Grooming your Maltese’s hair is similar to taking care of your own hair. Maltese dog’s hair tangles and mats easily, and it is essential to brush it regularly to keep it healthy and smooth. You can spray a detangler before brushing the hair to minimize breakage and reduce buildup. You also need to ensure that you get all the way to the skin but be gentle, you don’t want to scratch your pet. Use the pin brush to detangle tough areas and then use the slicker brush to smoothen the hair.


Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath SystemYour Maltese’s long, white hair should be cleaned the right way to make sure that there is no damage to the coat. A general rule with the Maltese breed is to bathe them when required. A range of factors affects the frequency of bathing such as an active pup with longer hair may need weekly baths while a more sedentary dog with short hair may need to bathe once a month. It depends on your pooch’s lifestyle.

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How often you bathe your dog does not affect its coat but the technique used can certainly make a difference. When you bathe or shampoo your dog, it can strip its skin and hair of essential oils that help protect its skin and hair. So, it’s important to choose a mild, quality shampoo to bathe your Maltese. Wet your pet and gently massage the shampoo into the coat. You need to pay attention to the genital area and paws while working up a good lather and getting all the way down to the skin. The shampoo needs to be thoroughly rinsed off to make sure that it does not irritate the skin later. If your Maltese is particularly dirty, repeat the process. You can also use a brightening shampoo to whiten your pet’s hair even more.

After you have rinsed the shampoo off properly, use a high-quality dog conditioner to keep the frizz under control. Apply the conditioner on the coat and let it sit for some minutes. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly as well because it can cause your pet irritation just as the shampoo if left on the skin and hair.

Drying off your Maltese is not as simple as taking them out of the tub and letting the hair air dry. That would leave your pet’s beautiful hair limp and lifeless. You need to squeeze the water out of the coat and gently towel dry the hair. After that, you should use a hair dryer on a low setting to gently blow dry your pet’s hair. Being gentle is recommended so that you don’t burn the hair or skin, and you should work in small sections to dry the hair safely and evenly. You can spray on a detangler to keep the hair smooth and mat-free.

Nail Grooming

If you hear your pet’s nails clicking on the floor, it may be time to clip them. As a general rule, nails should be in line with the paw pad and anything hanging over should be clipped. Right after a bath is an excellent time to trim your pet’s nails as they are the softest. You will need to cut your dog’s nails every two to three weeks.

It is essential to have the right nail clippers for this job, and you can choose to specially designed pliers or guillotine type clippers. You need to place your dog in a well-lit place and keep some styptic powder on hand in case you goof up. Maltese have clear white nails with a prominent pink part which enables you to identify the area that can be clipped. Some Maltese dogs do have black nails, and this case you will have to be extra careful and make many tiny cuts to clip your pet’s nails.

 Dental Health

Dental health is an essential part of your dog’s overall health, and it is essential to clean your pet’s teeth properly to prevent tooth decay and periodontal diseases. Choose good quality dog toothpaste for your Maltese. Brushing your pal’s teeth every day is recommended but even cleaning your pet’s teeth bi-weekly will be beneficial.

Also, you can use high-quality dental chews for your pet. These chews are designed to clean your dog’s teeth as effectively as brushing and keep your pet’s dental health in check. When your Maltese chews on these, it helps remove tar and plaque buildup. The ingredients in these chews ensure protection against future buildups and keep your dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh.

Ensuring that your pet gets high-quality food with lots of natural ingredients goes a long way in ensuring their dental health. Poor diets create plaque buildup and cause teeth to decay. A combination of regular brushing, dental chews, and good food can ensure excellent oral health for your loveable pet!

Hopefully, you got some valuable information in this article, from how to cut Maltese hair with scissors to how to care for your pet’s dental health. Using these tips to care for your beloved pet will help ensure that they remain happy and healthy for many years to come.