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How to Trim Yorkie Ears

Yorkie 13While the grooming process has several different steps from start to finish, trimming the Yorkie’s ears is one of the most difficult and time-consuming steps. If you know how to trim Yorkie ears, however, this step is not only simple and fun, but also incredibly rewarding as your Yorkie will quite happily trot around with his/her new haircut.

The First Step

Before learning how to properly trim Yorkie ears, the first step to grooming a Yorkie is conditioning the Yorkie’s coat. You can condition your Yorkie using a spritzer bottle with a 5:1 ratio of water to dog conditioner. In addition, it is important to pay attention to your Yorkie’s skin and hair condition. If you notice the skin and hair are dry, you could condition the coat before brushing. This will protect the hair from splitting. If the coat or skin is too oily, it is best to not condition the coat because too much oil might make the hair too heavy.

The Next Step

Yorkie BrushThe next step is to brush your Yorkie. Pay attention to what type of brush you are using because certain brushes are better than others. Any brush that has metal bristles or a metal tip without a plastic covering will tear the coat. If you conditioned the coat in the first step, brushing the coat out will help distribute the conditioner and the natural oils. There is a certain way to brush the Yorkie’s coat so as to ensure the most comfort. First, divide the coat into sections and start with a region of the Yorkie where the Yorkie is less sensitive. A good place to start is the shoulder. This helps keep your dog relaxed and makes it easier for you to continue grooming.

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Tangles And Knots

As with brushing any hair, it is best to begin at the root and end at the tip in the direction that the hair naturally falls. To brush otherwise is uncomfortable to the Yorkie and could also result in tangles. If you come across any tangles, slowly and carefully address them. There are two ways of handling knots. The first is to gently work them out with your fingers. This takes patience and close attention to how the Yorkie is reacting. The knots are typically in sensitive areas, such as under the armpits, near the groin and around the ears. If you are unable to work the knots out with your fingers, you can carefully brush a comb between the knot and the skin and snip out the knot using scissors. It is very important to protect the skin with the comb, so do not skip this step.

The Face

Yorkie FaceIf while you were conditioning your Yorkie, you noticed remnants of waste around the anus, you can either spend a little extra time washing it away, or you can work the same method of using the comb and scissors to cut away the dirty hair. Regardless, the next step is combing the face. Work slowly and carefully so as to not startle the Yorkie or bump into his eye. If you notice any buildup around the eyes or nose, you can take this time to clear them out with a wipe, making sure to not accidentally put the wipe in the Yorkie’s eyes.

The Bath

Yorkie BathOnce you have conditioned and brushed your Yorkie, you can bathe the dog. If you have not done so already, you should remove any collars or clothing. Wet the Yorkie completely without getting any water in the eyes, then lather the Yorkie from the neck to the tail. When you shampoo the head, start at the top and work towards the Yorkie’s muzzle. When picking out a shampoo to use, it is very important that you do not pick shampoo for humans because this could irritate the dog’s skin. After you have lathered the Yorkie, it is time to rinse. Do this thoroughly because any extra suds will cause irritation. When rinsing the Yorkie, make sure you use warm water. Water that is too hot will harm the Yorkie and water that is too cold may put the Yorkie at risk for hypothermia. A good way of checking your Yorkie for signs of hypothermia is to see if your Yorkie is shaking, or gently touch the ears to determine whether they are cold.

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The Conditioner

The next step is to condition the Yorkie’s coat by squirting the conditioner into your hands then rubbing it into the coat and skin, beginning at the neck and working towards the tail. Let the conditioner soak into the coat and skin for about ten minutes, then rinse it out for around five minutes. By now, your Yorkie will be ready to shake. This will help get any extra water off before you pat the Yorkie dry. Brush out the clean and conditioned coat with a pin brush, as previously discussed, or with a comb, being careful to brush in the correct direction. If you would like, you can use a dog hair dryer or a human hair dryer on the lowest setting to more quickly dry the hair, just be sure to comb at the same time.

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Teeth, Nails, and Ears

Yorkie TeethThe next phase of the grooming process gives special attention to the Yorkie’s teeth, nails, and ears. When brushing the teeth, pick toothpaste specific to dogs. Any toothpaste with fluoride will make the Yorkie sick. Brush with a finger brush rather than a toothbrush, and before and after brushing the Yorkie’s teeth, rinse the brush under hot and then cold water. Brushing the Yorkie’s teeth should be done daily because of the plaque build-up. If not brushed on a regular basis, it can lead to the teeth becoming loose due to the gums receding. Brushing regularly will prevent surgeries and will keep your Yorkie healthy and pain-free.

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Clipping your Yorkie’s nails is a delicate process and may require two people. Hold the Yorkie’s paw firmly in one hand and look for the quick in the nail. This is the dark part of the nail where the blood vessel and nerve ends. Do not cut the quick but if you do, cover it with styptic powder to stop the excessive bleeding.

The Ears

Next are the ears, although attention to the ears is not always necessary. If your Yorkie is prone to ear infections, plucking the hairs is a good idea. If your Yorkie does not typically get ear infections, plucking may just cause inflammation and ear sores. It is best to talk to your Yorkie’s veterinarian. You will, however, want to clean inside your Yorkie’s ears with a cotton ball and an ear cleanser, cleaning in a circular motion. Avoid using water and never use cotton swabs. When using the cleanser, tilt the Yorkie’s head towards the cotton ball so that the cleanser drains out, and then wipe out any remaining cleanser and wax with a clean cotton ball. It is nearly impossible to reach the eardrum, so do not be afraid.


Finally, the last phase of grooming is the trimming. Start with the feet and use trimmers that have a blunt end so as to not cause any split ends, or accidentally harm the Yorkie. Firmly hold the Yorkie’s foot and clip in between the pads, then clip around the front of the foot. Check this area regularly to make sure the hair does not become too long for the Yorkie to walk comfortably.

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How To Trim Yorkie Ears

Yorkie EarsNow we get to the most important part: how to trim Yorkie ears. There are several ways on how to properly trim Yorkie ears and this varies based on personal preference. The method is still the same, regardless of the style. First flip the ear back on itself and gently clean up the inside of the ear by shaving. On the topside of the ear, you are going to shave down about a thumb’s width to create a small triangle of shaved ear. This will help accentuate the Yorkie’s ears upright position. Next, gently fold the ear in half and trim along the edges. Trim from the bottom to the top, or in other words, from the part of the ear closest to the head to the tip of the ear. Knowing how to trim Yorkie ears is this simple in terms of method, but takes time and close attention. Whereas the rest of the Yorkie is a simple trim, the ears can take a little while to get just right.

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The Top Knot

The final part of grooming is the Yorkie’s top knot. Pull together the hair between the Yorkie’s ears and secure with a comfortable band. You can tease the hair to make it look bigger, or put a bow or clip on top. If you would like, you can put add some hair gel in order to keep the hair in place.

Although you can certainly groom your Yorkie yourself, it is best to have the Yorkie professionally trimmed somewhere around three to four times a year. If your dog is a show dog, you should have your Yorkie professionally trimmed every couple of months. This will keep your Yorkie not only looking good but also feeling healthy. And use the methods previously stated about how to trim Yorkie ears to keep your Yorkie at his or her very best.