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Yorkie Haircuts With Floppy Ears

Yorkie -7Yorkies (Yorkshire Terriers) are known for their adorable coats and their floppy ears. These coats are part of what make Yorkies such loved and appreciated pets, but they do take work to maintain. We will discuss some of the key points to grooming your Yorkie, as well as some tips for Yorkie Haircuts with floppy ears. These tips will help you make sure your Yorkie’s hair is trimmed neatly to keep their ears clear and fur well maintained.

Brush and Comb It Out

The first step in making sure your Yorkie’s coat is well cared for is to brush its coat out Yorkie Brushevery day. Since Yorkies have such long hair, it’s important to make sure that their hair isn’t becoming matted or tangled. The longer your Yorkie’s hair is, the better chance that it will tangle.

The best way to comb out your Yorkie’s hair is to break it into sections, so you’re not trying to tackle the whole coat at once. Make sure that you’re brushing with the grain of your Yorkie’s hair, instead of against it. Brushing against the grain is not only uncomfortable for your pooch, it can lead to more tangles in their fur. It’s also important to make sure that you’re using a brush that has tips at the ends of the bristles, to make sure that you won’t rip or tear at your dog’s coat. Experts also suggest starting at the shoulder or flank, to let your dog get used to the brush and the tugging sensation that comes with it. This brushing action is not only good to get tangles out of your dog’s fur, but also to work the natural oils at the roots of the fur to the rest of it, conditioning the hairs without extra baths and chemicals.

Brush Yorkie 2It’s important to make sure that there are no knots in your Yorkie’s fur. The most common places to find knots are in your dog’s armpits and behind and underneath the legs, as well as around the ears. For knots in the fur, try to detangle the matted hair gently with a fine tooth comb, but if that doesn’t work, or it’s causing your dog too much distress, then use the comb to lift the knot away from the skin and snip the hairs short. If the hair around the ears is tangled, this is a good sign to give your Yorkie a haircut!

Giving your Yorkie a haircut requires facial fur that’s tangle free, requiring careful combing. Always make sure that you bathe your Yorkie first, to make sure that all of their hair is untangled and lying flat. This will ensure you get an even cut along their topknot and ears, a must for show dogs. Below, we’ll go through the steps to bathe your Yorkie thoroughly before we talk about trimming the top knot and around the ears.

Use The Right Shampoo

Shampoo YorkieYorkies need to be kept clean and tidy, like all dogs, but it’s also important to make sure that you’re not using a shampoo that will dry out your dog’s fur. Since Yorkies have long fur that’s prone to tangling, drying the fur out will make brushing and caring for their fur even harder. That’s also why it’s important to make sure that your Yorkie isn’t being bathed too often since frequent washings and shampooing can make the fur brittle and prone to breakage. When you look for a good shampoo for your dog, make sure that it’s one that’s moisturizing, so something with a creamy base. It’s also a good idea to get something that’s tear free or for sensitive skin for your dog’s top knot and face. It’s very important to make sure that the shampoos you are using are appropriate for Yorkie’s coats. While human hair can also be dry, and there are a variety of moisturizing options, dog hair is very different from human hair, and using the wrong kind of shampoo will mess with your dog’s PH balances, leading to damaged coats that will become oily and tangle faster.

Proper Bathing Techniques

Bath YorkieWhen you’re bathing your Yorkie, start at the face and head, and then lather all the way back. Pay special attention to areas where hair can matt or clump, like armpits. There’s no need to use a washcloth or scrub brush, simply later the shampoo up in your hands and cover the whole body, including the longer ends of hair or featherings. When you get to the face and top knot, switch to the tears free shampoo to eliminate any eye or mucous membrane irritation on your dog’s part. As you wash their fur, make sure that all of your dog’s hair is detangled, and that your lathering motions aren’t rubbing the hair in circles or further tangling it up. Once you’ve got a nice lather worked up, and any dirt you’re aware of is gone, rinse your dog off gently and make sure there are no large clumps or tangles left. If you’re using a conditioner, go ahead and lather your pet up, then rinse once more to leave their hair clean.

Drying Off

Dry YorkieDry your Yorkie gently, with a large towel, once again taking care not to muss or tangle hair unnecessarily. The conditioner should leave your dog’s hair silky and easy to comb out and tease any tangles away. Once that’s done, you can let most of your Yorkie’s coat air dry, but it’s important to blow dry the topknot and hair around your dog’s ears dry so that it will dry straight before you cut it.


Trim YorkieOnce the hair on their head is dry, you can go ahead and trim the hair that makes up your dog’s topknot if you choose. This is something that’s important for show dogs, but it’s also something many owners choose to style. You can achieve the typical Yorkie affect by using a clear rubber band to bring the hair on the top of your dog’s head into the typical knot and then trimming and styling that hair into your dog’s top knot. Some owners use a hair gel to keep the top knot in place as well.

Now The Ears

Yorkie EarsOnce you have the top knot styled, and that hair is clear, it will be easier to keep track of what you need to trim around your Yorkie’s ears. Some owners also pluck the hair inside their dog’s ears to keep it cleaner, but most vets now agree that that step should only be necessary if your dog is prone to frequent ear infections since the hair might be harboring bacteria. Otherwise, it should be enough to trim the hair around the ears down enough that your dog can hear easily, and its ears can stay upright. This can best be achieved with clippers, outfitted with a short blade. You should trim down to the midway point of your dog’s ears. Once the hair is trimmed, it’s a good idea to take a cotton ball and clean the inside of your dog’s ears as well. This is especially important after your dog is given a bath, since the moisture from the bath, along with the fact that Yorkie’s ears typically have a lot of hair around them, can encourage an atmosphere that could encourage infection.

The Body and Feet

Trim Yorkie BodyOnce you’ve trimmed your dog’s topknot and ears, it’s also a good idea to trim the hair around your dog’s feet and the featherings around their body, to make sure that there isn’t hair that’s becoming matted or being dragged behind your dog. It’s also important to trim the hair around your dog’s rear end for obvious hygiene reasons. Trimming the excess fur from your dog’s rear and feet is the ounce of prevention – at home grooming that only takes a few minutes – opposed to a pound of cure – the hours of trying to untangle matted fur and time spent with the groomers.

Lastly The Nails

Yorkie NailsAlong with trimming hair, bath time is also a good time to trim your dog’s nails as well. Since you’ve just trimmed the hair around your dog’s feet, it’s an opportune moment to finish off their paws and nails. Make sure to keep a good grip on your pet’s paws, and don’t trim too far down. Little by little is a better way to trim nails, especially with paws and toes as small as a Yorkie’s.


Hopefully, this article will guide you through the proper procedure for Yorkie haircuts With floppy ears, and the best way to take care of your dog’s topknot and ears. These bathing tips should help you keep your pet’s fur in top condition, as well as making sure that small consistent routines will save you and your dog from long trips to the groomers, and the trauma of tangled fur. It’s also important to remember to use the right products on your dog’s fur and to take the time to keep the hair around the feet and rear trimmed. With these tips, your Yorkie will be clean, healthy, and able to play and run with the other dogs.